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Life On Planet Groove-Maceo Parker and His Band (1992)

Remeber i told you im looking for that album?
So here it is! finaly i found it!! this album will make you jump off your asses!!
It’s is a live performance of Maceo Parker and his band with Kim Mazelle and Candy Dulfer in germany!
Great sax, drums and especialy great grooooooooove!
Just download this album, you won’t be dissipointed.

1. Shake Everything You’ve Got
2. Pass The Peas
3. I Got You (I Feel Good)
4. Got To Get U
5. Addictive Love
6. Children’s World
7. Georgia On My Mind
8. Soul Power ’92




You all gonna think im crazy or something but you won’t understand me untill you hear this album. Dido makes pop music i know, and the sum of copies sold with the 2 albums of her reached to 23 million, and your supposed to hate her because she is always on the radio etc, but this album and her style is still something different. In 1999 she released her first album but with not alot of succes untill eminem which was signed on the same label company noticed her and took her “Thank You” song and sampled it for his single hit “Stan”, and since then she was a hit in the UK scene and im sure all of you heared her in the radio more than a couple of times. You shouldn’t miss this album even if you hate pop
music. I added the Eminem album also “The Marshall Mathers LP” which features the song “Stan” so it would be a bit Hip-Hop related :).

No Angel-Dido (1999)

1. Here With Me
2. Hunter
3. Don’t Think Of Me
4. My Lover’s Gone
5. All You Want
6. Thank You
7. Honestly OK
8. Slide
9. Isobel
10. I’m No Angel
11. My Life
12. Take My Hand


The Marshall Mathers LP-Eminem (2000)

1. PSA 2000
2. Kill You
3. Stan
4. Paul (Skit)
5. Who Knew
6. Steve Berman (Skit)
7. The Way I Am
8. The Real Slim Shady
9. Remember Me
10. I’m Back
11. Marshall Mathers
12. Ken Kaniff (Skit)
13. Drug Ballad
14. Amityville
15. Bitch Please II
16. Kim
17. Under The Influence
18. Criminal



MC Solaar

Posted on: April 17, 2007

Prose Combat-MC Solaar (1994)

My first encounter with MC Solaar was as a little kid when i lived in france. He got me into listening hip-hop, this album was my treasure, my dad bought it accidently for me cause he thought that it was pop music lol. Now that im grown up, after loosing this CD somewhere, i realised he was a legend in france. This album sold 100,000 copies in the first week after it was released and defenetly was his best album (even now after 4 releases of his). Just enjoy one of my favorite rappers.

  1. Aubade – :35
  2. Obsolète – 3:02
  3. Nouveau western – 4:34
  4. A la claire fontaine – 2:59
  5. Superstarr – 3:03
  6. La concubine de l’hémoglobine – 4:49
  7. Dévotion – 4:26
  8. Temps Mort – 3:41
  9. L’NMIACCd’HTCK72KPDP – 5:04
  10. Séquelles – 3:37
  11. Dieu ait son âme – 4:46
  12. A dix de mes disciples – 3:45
  13. La fin justifie les moyens – 4:57
  14. Relations humaines – 3:28
  15. Prose combat – 3:06


Here is one of the best funk artist ever known. He was the saxophonist of James Brown in his early way to success. Here i present Maceo Parker, you really shouldn’t miss this one out cause it will jump you off your feet! I was going to post a kind of rare album of his “Life On Planet Groove” but it got erased from my Mp3 player (i riped alot of cd’s from my uncle place) and i couldn’t find it anywhere on the net so here is the second best album of his (in my opinion), and his first album as a solo artist. Later on ill post his newest album, so keep yourself updated. Enjoy!

Funkoverload-Maceo Parker and His Band (1998)

  1. Maceo’s Groove (5:24
  2. Uptown Up (4:16)
  3. Sing A Simple Song (3:38)
  4. Tell Me Something Good (3:40)
  5. Elephant’s Foot
  6. Let’s Get It On (3:49)
  7. Youth Of The World (3:36)
  8. We’re On The Move (4:13)
  9. Inner City Blues (4:23)
  10. Going In Circles (6:53)
  11. Do You Love Me (3:58)


Doing Their Own Thing-Maceo & All the King’s Men (1991) Originally released in 1970

1. Maceo [7:45]
2. Got To Getcha [2:49]
3. Southwick [3:28]
4. Funky Women [5:43]
5. Shake It Baby (Keep On Shakin’ It) [2:11]
6. Better Half [4:55]
7. Don’t Waste This World Away [6:18]
8. Mag-Poo [3:19]
9. (I Remember) Mr. Banks [5:27]
10. Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again [6:17]


Just saw the Step Up movie yesterday and they mentioned in it that Mobb Deep and Pharaoe Monch learned in a school of arts in New York so i got and idea to post Moob Deep second album and of course the best album untill i will get my hands on a kinda rare Maceo Parker CD. This album is really a classic and im sure all of you have it but here is it for those who ain’t.

The Infamous-Mobb Deep (1995)

1 The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side) (4:24)
2 [The Infamous Prelude] (2:12)
3 Survival Of The Fittest (3:43)
4 Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines) (4:54)
Featuring – Nas , Raekwon
5 [Just Step Prelude] (1:06)
6 Give Up The Goods (Just Step) (4:02)
7 Temperature’s Rising (5:00)
Featuring – Crystal Johnson
8 Up North Trip (4:58)
9 Trife Life (5:19)
10 Q.U. — Hectic (4:55)
11 Right Back To You (4:52)
Featuring – Ghostface Killah , Raekwon
12 [The Grave Prelude] (0:30)
13 Cradle To The Grave (5:16)
14 Drink Away The Pain (Situations) (4:44)
Featuring – Q-Tip
15 Shook Ones Pt. II (5:24)
16 Party Over (5:40)


Enjoy peeps 🙂

So i was checking out more albums in my uncle’s collection and guess what i found:

Arrested Development-3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of… (1992)

This album is one classic shit! I didn’t find one song i don’t like, the music will make you want to dance like crazy and of course its Arrested Development….who doesn’t like them! My uncle told me he will give it to me as a gift :).Damn i love him for that.Without any more explenations, just go and download this album but if you realy like it i recommend you to go and buy it cause this is what i would have done!

1 Man’s Final Frontier (2:38)
2 Mama’s Always On Stage (3:25)
3 People Everyday (3:26)
4 Blues Happy (0:46)
5 Mr. Wendal (4:06)
6 Children Play With Earth (2:38)
7 Raining Revolution (3:25)
8 Fishin’ 4 Religion (4:06)
9 Give A Man A Fish (4:22)
10 U (4:59)
11 Eve Of Reality (1:53)
12 Natural (4:18)
13 Dawn Of The Dreads (5:17)
14 Tennessee (4:32)
15 Washed Away (6:22)


Enjoy everybody from this fine music!

Breaking Atoms (Reissue)-Main Source (1997)

Breaking Atoms was the debut album of Main Source. It is widely thought of as a very influential album and is notable for the debut of hip hop superstar Nas. It is also highly regarded thanks to the virtuoso production of frontman Large Professor, whose heavy, and original, use of sampling influenced hip-hop producers for a good portion of the ’90s.
It was re-released by Large Professor and Wild Pitch Records overseas in 1997 with eight bonus tracks. This is one of the best Jazz/Hip-Hop album ever released and im sure most of you all have it but still i wanna to post it:

1 Snake Eyes
2 Just Hangin Out
3 Looking At The Front Door
4 Large Professor
5 Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball
6 Scratch & Kut
7 Peace Is Not The Word To Play
8 Vamos A Rapiar
9 He Got So Much Soul (He Don’t Need No Music)
10 Live At The Barbeque (Ft. Akinyele , Joe Fatal , Nas)
11 Watch Roger Do His Thing
12 Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix)
13 Fakin The Funk
14 Bonafied Funk (Ft. The Brand New Heavies)
15 Atom
16 Think
17 Looking At The Front Door (Uncut) (Unreleased)
18 Time (Unreleased)