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The Brand New Heavies!

Posted on: April 5, 2007

Well here it is i opened my own blog! It took a long time to convince myself to open one but here it is. In this blog ill be posting the best Hip-Hop, Jazz, and everything else ill will find great.

Right now im in france in my uncle’s place and i gave him a listen of the Heavy Rhyme album from The Brand New Heavies and he was like “Is this The Brand New Heavies?! I have an album from them! Damn you have such a good taste!”. So i went down to his CD collection and i found this:

Excursions, Remixes & Rare Grooves-The Brand New Heavies (1995)
1. Mind Trips [BNH Remix]
2. Bang
3. Brother Sister (The Angel Remix)
4. Close to You
5. Dream on Dreamer (The Angel Remix)
6. O-Fa-Fu
7. Keep It Coming
8. Forever [Soul Power Remix]
9. Keep Together [Jan Kincaid Version]
10. Country Funkin’
11. Worlds Keep Spinning
12. Midnight at the Oasis

This album is plain of great jazz\Funk music!


2 Responses to "The Brand New Heavies!"


ahahah, glad you finally made the blog man, I hope to find only the best stuff in here. 😉

BNH are great, too bad they didn’t made a Heavy Rhyme exp. vol.2 with all the guest mc’s, but I’m gonna check out this one, so thanks.

One love, and keep up the good work 🙂

BNH are killer…
Thank You For this…

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