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MC Solaar

Posted on: April 17, 2007

Prose Combat-MC Solaar (1994)

My first encounter with MC Solaar was as a little kid when i lived in france. He got me into listening hip-hop, this album was my treasure, my dad bought it accidently for me cause he thought that it was pop music lol. Now that im grown up, after loosing this CD somewhere, i realised he was a legend in france. This album sold 100,000 copies in the first week after it was released and defenetly was his best album (even now after 4 releases of his). Just enjoy one of my favorite rappers.

  1. Aubade – :35
  2. Obsolète – 3:02
  3. Nouveau western – 4:34
  4. A la claire fontaine – 2:59
  5. Superstarr – 3:03
  6. La concubine de l’hémoglobine – 4:49
  7. Dévotion – 4:26
  8. Temps Mort – 3:41
  9. L’NMIACCd’HTCK72KPDP – 5:04
  10. Séquelles – 3:37
  11. Dieu ait son âme – 4:46
  12. A dix de mes disciples – 3:45
  13. La fin justifie les moyens – 4:57
  14. Relations humaines – 3:28
  15. Prose combat – 3:06



2 Responses to "MC Solaar"

I HATE YOU!!! This was gonna be my next post xD! ahaha

But really, this is a true classic, one of those old Jazzy rap treasures.

Great work on the blog

Thanks 🙂 but its a bit dead here.

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