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"ya man production assassin…"

Posted on: May 10, 2007

This shit is some great classic french rap that i got from Luvshorty‘s blog.
Assassin is a french group that was formed by Rockin’ Squat and Solo.
It’s Assassin first “album”, well let’s say its some Maxi singles that kick ass.
If you like good old school french rap get this now!

Assassin-Notre Nom Sur Ta Liste (1991)

  1. Note Mon Nom Sur La Liste!
  2. Esclave De Votre Société!
  3. Je Glisse
  4. Note Mon Nom Sur La Liste! (Acapella)




3 Responses to ""ya man production assassin…""

I checked Assassin a while back when I was looking for some collabs with Supernatural. And I also thought Rockin’Squat was dope.

But I had never heard about this, props, real old school EP 😉

c’est bon ça !

REQ: La rumeur-du coeur à l’outrage

merci !
super blog yeah !

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