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Jay Dila + Madlib = one of the best albums ever!

Posted on: May 18, 2007

Champion Sound-Jaylib (2003)

Ok, first of all it’s gonna be rare for me to post stuff one day after the other because i believe that too much albums to handle each day won’t give you the chance to appreciate the album and give it your full attention. This is why my library isn’t growing very fast. Before the internet, people would have bought one album each time right? so why can’t it be now? i know people having thousands of songs that half of it they don’t even know they have it.
But now after finishing my final history test, i have the mood to put another post about one of the most underrated albums in my opinion.
I’m sure everyone will say “WTF are you talking about? everyone knows this album bla bla bla” but not everyone appreciate it the way we should appreciate it. Even if it was an accident the way Jaylib was formed, this album is a masterpiece in my opinion. Very particular sound if you hear the beats, something you don’t hear everyday.
If you don’t have this album and you don’t know what im talking about just pick this one up or go and buy it (the re-issue is coming out in 12 june), cause it’s exactly what i would have done if i could have found it here (again, you can’t find shit in Israel related to hip-hop).

  1. L.A. To Detroit
  2. McNasty Filth
  3. Nowadayz
  4. Champion Sound
  5. The Red
  6. Heavy
  7. Raw Shit
  8. The Official
  9. The Heist
  10. The Mission
  11. React
  12. Strapped
  13. Strip Club
  14. The Exclusive
  15. Survival Test
  16. Starz
  17. No Games


Comment if you feel me!


2 Responses to "Jay Dila + Madlib = one of the best albums ever!"

i feel you vardi…!

thats a great album!

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