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A meanwhile post

Posted on: June 27, 2007

Ok so i was going to make a huge post about common but for some circumstances i didn’t have time to upload everything so here is something i uploaded for a friend, so why not share it with you?

Yann Tiersen – Rue Des Cascades (1996)

So about this album.
It has nothing to do with hip-hop or anything related, Yann Tiersen is music genius who plays mainly the accordion, piano and violin.
He is a 37 years old man from France and I can personally say that he is a genius. His music is fantastic and i know how to play like 15 of his songs in piano (I’m a piano addict yes).
If your curious about what I’m talking about, check it out, maybe you’ll start playing the accordion cause of him.
Really a special artist that is very particular and he is the only artist in my library of music that does this kind of music (because i just love him!). And he is only 37 years old! im expecting so much more music from him.
Oh and by the way if you saw the movie Amelie so all the music there is from Yann (unbelievable movie with unbelievable music!)

  1. J’y Suis Jamais Alle
  2. Rue Des Cascades
  3. Pas Si Simple
  4. Comptine D’ete N-2
  5. Comptine D’ete N-3
  6. Deja Loin
  7. La Chambre
  8. Mouvement Introductif
  9. La Muette
  10. Naomi
  11. Soir De Fete
  12. Le Vieux En Veut Encore
  13. Toujours La
  14. C’etait Ici
  15. Priere N-2
  16. Comptine D’ete N-1
  17. La Fenetre
  18. Priere N-3
  19. La Piece Vide
  20. La Vie Puotidenne


Here is one of my favorite piano piece and also one of my favorite songs (He is so amazing)

You can expect for me to do a whole Yann Tiersen discography in the future.

Thats it for now…..I’m OUT!


4 Responses to "A meanwhile post"

I think you missed to mention his briliant work in “Amelie Poulain”
Please post more of his work if you have it and thanks for this

No problem mate, but i actualy did mentioned his work in Amelie Poulain 😛

Oh yes, sorry my fault

(” Oh and by the way if you saw the movie Amelie so all the music there is from Yann (unbelievable movie with unbelievable music!)”)

Thanks again for this album.Very good

Thank you.

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