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Back To Business

Posted on: September 7, 2007

After 2 months of vacation, I’m back to business, writing shitty posts about good music, don’t think i don’t know that and I’ll try to work that out. And as yo noticed I switched to WordPress because its a bit more comfortable for me.

So what the hell i did those 2 months? Relaxing, relaxing and a bit more relaxing, shit made my year really depressing so I needed that. With all that i got to know some new artists and probably my favorite music label: Ninja Tunes.

Before i start posting music and stuff, just so you know, I’m going to make this blog not strict about music but will combine personal life with music, which was my first intention but somehow it turned to be something else.

So Ninja Tunes, famous label, great artists and exactly everything i was looking for. If you remember, I posted 2 posts about St. Germain and I think you noticed (the ones who actually read this blog) that I damn loved this kind of genre that is how i used to call it once “Electronic Jazz”. Its exactly what it is but people decided to call it Acid Jazz or Future Jazz or even Nu Jazz. So Ninja Tunes is like a paradise for me, it delivers exactly what I like.

Usually Hip-Hop was my thing because it was the closest thing to Jazz and Electronic music. I do like Jazz alone to but sometimes i prefer stuff a bit more beaty and moving, so yeah Jazz is my thing but if I can combine it with electronic so why not? Once i said i don’t like electronic music, well i meant that i don’t like trance and psychedelic music, if so electronic is good and more than that, it spices things up.

So how the hell I got to know Ninja Tunes? Again it starts by visiting sites and accidentally discovering stuff. First i visited the Treebeats blog and there i looked up the blogs the author What It Is like and i saw the blog Ironboblog, What It Is said that if you like Ninja Tunes yo ushould go there. So I said to myself, what the hell is Ninja Tunes, like music the ninjas hear? So i went there and saw the author likes Nu jazz, Hip-Hop, Downtempo and saw some unknown artists posted, and slowly after going deep in it I discovered everything i searched for.

The first one was The Cinematic Orchestra, just bought 2 CD’s of their’s: Ma Fleur and Man With A Movie Camera, I bought those in my vacation in France (my second home). Both of them are a masterpiece, pure fusion of Jazz and Electronic.

But because of my laziness I will post today only one album of their’s, Man With A Movie Camera.


The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With A Movie Camera (2002)

1. The Projectionist
2. Melody
3. Dawn
4. The Awakening of a Woman
5. Reel Life (Evolution II)
6. Postlude
7. Evolution (Versao Portuense)
8. Work It! (Man With the Movie Camera)
9. Voyage
10. Odessa
11. Theme De Yoyo
12. The Magician
13. Theme Reprise
14. Yoyo Waltz
15. Drunken Tune
16. The Animated Tripod
17. All Things Listen Listen


So here we go, I’m back to business with my first post since i went out to vacation. Hope you enjoyed it and hope I’ll be back full time to continu posting here and really hope you’ll enjoy it in the future to.

So I’m Out!


5 Responses to "Back To Business"

Ninja tunes is pretty badass, quite a few albums/artists i like from them, like herbaliser, dj vadim, kid koala, and ive updated the link from my site to your new address

good to have you back, i updated my link on my site

Welcome back, and I like the new look. Look forward to reading more posts; maybe they’ll encourage me to get off of my own lazy ass and start writing again.

good to have you back, ninjatune stuff is awesome!
and I also updated the link on my page, keep up the good work (in a frequenty you like :-))

Je suis tombé sur ce blog par hasard. Cela dit c’est un blog assez bien entretenu. Je vous souhaite Bonne continuation. Je vous invite aussi à visiter mon blog spécialisé en voyages pour découvrir vos destinations favorites avant de voyager:

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