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I Hate Title-ing Posts!

Posted on: September 10, 2007

Nice title ah? Another day of studying and working is over (yoopi yay!) and now its time for me to relax in front of my 19 inch LCD screen and write another post. Todays post is about De la Soul and yet another The Cinematic Orchestra album (another yoopi yay!). So lets start.

So De La Soul, every Hip-Hop fan must know this group not because they are another 50 cent but…..they are freakin’ legends. Now what is about to come is fatal…….I HATED DE LA SOUL. Did you noticed the HATED? Yeah that was when I just got into Hip-Hop and loved pretty much only those Jazzy Hip-Hop stuff and some destructive beats like songs so De La Soul was something totaly different, and i didn’t even want to check some other albums of their’s because of my laziness. So what hapend that i started to like them? Once again a little story from my uncle’s place checking out some albums of unknown Funk artists and very old people playing Jazz, and sunddenly an album From De La Soul popped out. Not just any album but THE album, which is actualy my favorite De La Soul album: Buhloone Mindstate. I asked my uncle: “Why the hell do you have a Hip-Hop album?” so he answered me: “Heard Maceo was featuring there so i bought it with some friends 14 years ago when it came out, i can give you the album as a gift if you like”. Of course i forgot the album there in france at my uncle’s place but had the chance to hear it and damn i liked it, very liked it. So that’s my story about De La Soul, from there everything just got better, I really got into good Hip-Hop music and finally appreciated it as it should be.

Now the second part about the second Cinematic Orchestra album that i’m going to post “Every Day” is about to commence. Why this album? Because it rocks! Well it rocks a little less than Ma Fleur but I’m posting it because its a good album to get knowing The Cinematic Orchestra. I’m doing like a 5 phase lesson to knowing The Cinematic Orchestra to make sure your checking out my upcoming posts for more albums, just follow my posts and I promise you, you’ll become a Cinematic Orchestra crazy fan.


De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate (1993)

1. Intro
2. Eye Patch
3. En Focus
4. Patti Dooke
5. I Be Blowin’
6. Long Island Wildin’
7. Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)
8. Paul’s Revenge
9. 3 Days Later
10. Area
11. I Am I Be
12. In The Woods
13. Breakadawn
14. Dave Has A Problem…Seriously
15. Stone Age



The Cinematic Orchestra – Every Day (2002)

1. All That You Give (feat. Fontella Bass)
2. Burn Out
3. Flite
4. Evolution (feat. Fontella Bass)
5. Man With The Movie Camera
6. All Things To All Men (feat. Roots Manuva)
7. Everyday


Another post is over, and i’m really starting to enjoy writing them, makes me feel nice. So ill see you again when ill have time, but ill try to do this as often as possible, for you and for me.

BTW i liked Urbanology’s comment “good to have you back, ninjatune stuff is awesome!
and I also updated the link on my page, keep up the good work (in a frequenty you like :-))” Especially the last part “(in a frequenty you like :-))” Man your damn righ about that, and thats exactly what i’m going to do πŸ™‚ thanks for support!

So I’m Out!


11 Responses to "I Hate Title-ing Posts!"

Hi Ariel,

why don’t you use megaupload or zshare instead of rapid? It’s easier and we can download without having to wait 300 minutes after each download.

dope page make sure to check out was and will be once again the best page for all that new exclusive advance promo heat.


@ al
I’m not using these sites because rapidshare is the fastest way for me to upload files because of my location so my upload rate is at its highest.

hey got great taste in music.. love the yann tiersen..
check out my album..not very jazzy but you might still like..frenetic for sure.

Baloone Mindstate was a good album, but then again I like all their albums. Good post.

first off, LOVE the site…you have gotten me into some really great music (particularly Pete Philly & Perquisite and Arts the Beatdoctor) and I’m really happy to see it back up and running.

as a suggestion, how about using for uploads? That way you can get it to 4 different upload sites, not sure how fast it’d be for your upload speed though.

do you listen to Blockhead? I just got into him recently but it seems like he’d be right up your alley, FANTASTIC jazzy instrumentals. if you are looking for anything I have two of his albums I’d be happy to up…

keep up the great posts (both the writing and the uploads), this is easily one of my favorite blogs to check out right next to Smoking Section and Strictly Beats

you forgot that fantastic album in france, it was a gift? oh my goodness, I would kick myself bloody! πŸ˜‰

and a “problem” with many blogs (and of course also the visitors who expect this) is, that they try to have daily updates and always the newest stuff, if possible weaks before the official release date. after a few months these blogs are dead, burn out and bored from the daily work. and many of these blogs just have the cover and links to the files. I prefer blogs like yours, not updated daily, but only with quality stuff and fine informations or interesting stories about the records.

@patrique: blockhead is sooooo good, have you listened to his new album?

@Patrique- Glad to hear you love this site πŸ™‚
I can’t really use Sharebee because of my slow up rate and yeah i heard some stuff from blockhead and really enjoyed it, if you can up those two albums it would be great πŸ™‚

@Urbanology- Man im with you in everyword, being a blogger doesnt mean it has to be a full time job and you have to enjoy posting stuff so yeah it can take a week or two till i post but eventualy the blog will last longer cause im enjoying it πŸ™‚

Check for update tommorow!

Ahhh, good to see you like De La Soul, I’m proud of you Ari πŸ˜€

The new blog kicks ass man, keep up

Thx for de la soul albums ^^ & nice Blog

Im Afiliate 4 u


This is often a great blog. I’ve been back a couple of times over the past week and wish to register for your rss feed by using Google but find it difficult to figure out the way to do it precisly. Do you know of any tutorials?

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