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First Philosophy Question: What Is Life?

Posted on: September 21, 2007

A question that popped out in my mind for several months now and I’m trying to figure that out in someways. Music is my way to express my self and if people do know me (which is none) will understand that I’m living along with it. This post will be damn long because as I told you its gonna be a blog which will be talking about music along with personal life (which intrests no one except me) but its the only way for me to explain or describe why I love this music and how did i got to listen to it, because behind every time you discover something new there is a story behind it. So back to my first question, What Is Life? I’m still 16 (17 in 3 months) and I’m kinda different from other people, I think normally farther than most. I’ll only explain about one part today of my answer to this question because its damn long and its late night and I’ll probably get confused while writing everything down (you’ll see how it connects to music later on).

Our world is made of ants, lots of ants, but not just any ants, ants with a brain that works, and every ant has his own kind of personality and way of thinking. But only problem is that culture is shaping the ants to what the it wants us to be.People don’t think anymore, they are stuck in their own bubble. Get money, buy stuff, party and just live life but they wont think further, why the hell are you here? Is working in a grocery shop is the way you want to spend your life? your few years to live? Culture has caught us and determined us how we’re supposed to be, and you can’t ignore it, but you have to stop it from be your life. Invent yourself a way of life, your own, don’t let others to distract you and to keep you in a some kind of blockness from what you can really be. Will i live according to what scociety described me? working in some Hi-Tech factory? is this what as an ant living in a world supposed to do? Maybe yes but you always have a choice to make, you can always go after what you really want. Go after it and never let go, stick to your mind and never let someone else to shape you. Always but always think further, further from what you think now.
How the hell is everything has to do with music? Ahhh….let me tell you that i started thinking like that because of music. An artist called Yann Tiersen. Got to know him as my parents divorced through my dad and i always kept it in my library but never listened to it because if people will know that im listening to him, they will think im a geek (a teenage boy thinking) but 6 months ago i reopened his folder and started to listen to him. And then after that i started to play his song son the piano and at the first time i opened to stuff, I never played the piano in my free time because i thought its geeky and stuff, but always kept learning and i don’t know why. Slowly slowly i started to think about everything, about how we people live, how we are supposed to live, what the hell am I here for? Now after 6 months I answered my question and i can’t really describe it but i tried, and ill try to explain everytime ill post another post. But I think thats it for now, now im confused my self :P. (Short description for something i can’t really explain how)

I uploaded the latest Yann Tiersen album Les Retrouvailles so you can also get into him and enjoy some fabulous creativity and music and of course the latest The Cinematic Orchestra Album as I promised (2 to go!), the album is called Ma Fleur and probably their best album. I won’t describe about those two because I’m damn tired but trust my word, they are worth every minute of time. Enjoy them!


Yann Tiersen – Les Retrouvailles (2005)

1. Western
2. Kala
3. Loin Des Villes
4. La Veillée
5. Plus D’Hiver
6. A Ceux Qui Sont Malades Par Mer Calme
7. A Secret Place
8. Le Matin
9. Les Enfants
10. Le Jour De L’Ouverture
11. La Boulange
12. La Plage
13. Mary
14. 7:Pm
15. Les Retrouvailles
16. La Jetée
17. Le Train (Film D’Animation)



The Cinematic Orchestra – Ma Fleur (2007)

1. To Build A Home
2. Familiar Ground
3. Child Song
4. Music Box
5. Prelude
6. As The Stars Fall
7. Into You
8. Ma Fleur
9. Breathe
10. That Home
11. Time And Space


Enough for today, ill see you later on next week. I’m Out!


15 Responses to "First Philosophy Question: What Is Life?"

there’s no link for the yann tiersen album.

Nice read; I always appreciate when someone actually writes on their blog, as opposed to posting music that I don’t care about. Keep them coming!

Hip Hop Isn’t Dead

you 16? props!!

truth: i didn’t really read the entire blab word for word, but i too respect and appreciate that you write. especially cuz you young.

a few months ago, i forget where i started, but i distractedly wound up at some chick’s blog- probably cuz she was hella cute in her profile pic- and she had a detailed blog updated almost everyday. plus, the grammar and spelling was on point. i had to leave her a comment/note similar to this, cuz i think young kids like y’all able to express themselves positively is awesome.

keep it up.

damn, i wish i bookmarked that purty gal’s blog. i feel like gawking at a shorty!! lol.

i feel better knowing im not the only under-18 blogger around…keep up the good work, love the stuff.
writing is just as important as music bro

appreciate the comments…i’ve had you linked for a while
wanna link me up? thanks.

Hey! I’m from Germany and I really want to say THANK YOU for all these uploads and for this text. Where do you come from? Stay tuned! Jan

@alley al – Thanks alot man! If you find that blog again tell me, i want to check it, maybe ill get some ideas 🙂

@Jan – Hey thanks for your comment and I’m from Israel.

That’s great! Yiha, your taste is awesome! Do you learn English in school? I wish I could speak like you do! Big up!

[…] ariel’s groove – First Philosophy Question: What Is Life?| […]

@Jan Well I don’t really know how i learned to speak English, school just thought me some grammar but the language is from talking to friends and especially because i speak French, its a very similar language.

i cant believe your only 16, i thought for sure you were in your mid to late 20s.

You are definately more evolved than most teens out there, a great hope for the future.

You seem very worldly, thank you for all the wonderful music you open my ears too.

Thanks for sharing some of the world’s best music..! I’ve heard something from The Cinematic Orchestra before but forgot all about it..not anymore!

uhhm”gAnun pALA yun???

Two fantastic art works 😀

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