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Those 2 last weeks were the most unbusy weeks of my fucking entire like. Israel teachers are in a huge strike against the authorities, and they have all the reasons to, poor teachers, getting low wage payments and are treated like whores on duty. Basically out educational system sucks balls, this is why I’m going to a “Nerd’s school”, getting the bus every morning and driving it for 40 minuets every morning (last year was 1 hour) when I have a high school 5 minutes walk near my house. When I say its a Nerd’s school i really mean it, no one is popular, everyone is behaving as he likes to without giving a crap about others and we don’t do drugs, a real fucking nerd school. But I’m enjoying it, its something i wish to everyone to experience. So the strike i think will last something like 3 months or so, so fuck.

Well this was just a test to see how reliable you people are to my blog, well i guess if you continued reading till here then you do care about me :).

Recently I read a book by an Irish writer. Julian Gough, who was previously on a Rock band (I think they still exist), the book is called Juno & Juliet and its about two gorgeous twin sisters who goes to the university at Galway in Ireland, just an amazing book that touched me allot (the plot doesn’t sound real exiting but let me assure you its a fabulous book)  and through this book I opened to the real world. It’s like I was one touch away from liberty and self choices, It’s like I was living real life outside the cell I’m in. I know that I’m supposed to feel like freedom is at my doors, just one year away, but unfortunately it isn’t. As an Israeli citizen I have to go to the army at the age of 18 for 3 years of obligatory service, which kinda sucks balls more than the teachers strike. Now the thing is that I’m in a dilemma, a huge dilemma, to go to the army and waste 3 years of my “life” defending my country from those fucking terrorists bastards or get out from the army by making myself a jerk that dont give a shit about the army and fail all the tests and then they will let me go and will tell me I’m not needed in the army, that will make me a bastard in the eyes of israeli people so getting work here in the future will be almost impossible. Two fucking choices that I have to choose from before the 18.11.07, this is the date of my tests for the army. I don’t want another institution that will prevent me to fly to my freedom as a person. I want to open, discover, learn, enjoy, just start living fucking life!! But on the other hand people had died for my protection here in Israel, the least i can do is to serve the army as a gratitude to those who died for the country,its  not a big country that let their man die for no purpose, we are in a fucking war since the country was established, its the fucking only country that jews can live in totally peace in society, the only country that Jews have. I really can’t decide, its pissing me off, freedom is one step away from me, life is about to begin and i need to go to the fucking army, just fuck it.

Ahhh, music will not accompany me here on this post, because of my laziness and boredom. You will have to forgive me, and I promise you all that more music will come next time, with a great joyful post about how the sky is blue and how the wind whispers to the lovers.

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