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I’m really not in the mood latley to to, well basicaly anything. Teachers Stirke is still on for the 48th day now I think (I lost count since the 30th day) and it’s driving me nuts. Did you ever had to deal with so much free time? From a day built from 7 hours school, 3 hours tennis practice and 1 hour of Home Work, I could say, well I’m pretty much to doing nothing. Ok I’m going to the gym for 1 hour 3 times a week and occasionally play some tennis once and a while.

The one thing that is keeping me up is Music of course, so my week’s pick is The Blues Brothers OST.

I won’t tell you anything about it because I’m tired (ironic uh?) so enjoy this FINE Blues album directly from The Blues Brothers!


The Blues Brothers Soundtrack – VA (1980)

1. She Caught The Katy – Jake
2. Peter Gunn Theme – Jake
3. Gimme Some Lovin’ – Jake
4. Shake A Tail Feather – Ray Charles/Jake & Elwood
5. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – Jake & Elwood/Patty Austin/Vivian Cherry/Ullanda McCullough
6. The Old Landmark – James Brown/Rev. James Cleveland Choir
7. Think – Aretha Franklin/Brenda Corbet/Margaret Branch/Caroline Franklin
8. Theme From Rawhide – Elwood & Jake
9. Minnie The Moocher – Cab Calloway
10. Sweet Home Chicago – Elwood & Jake
11. Jailhouse Rock – Jake



2 months ago my PC started to crash randomly without any known reason, this was the beginning of a long and painful journey. At first it seemed like just some normal virus case, but i was wrong. It turned out there was a hardware problem. Because of my Mom working in a hardware import company I had the chance to send my PC to a check up there and apperantly just needed to be cleaned up (yes, it was D-I-R-T-Y). They said everything should be fine now. It was untill the PC crashed again 1 week after, this was a major distressing situation. Time past slowly as i began to understand, he is in major pain. 4 days ago my PC crashed for its last time and left behind it a trail of unfinished tasks (my latest post was ready to go saved on my hard disk). Eventualy it turned out that my graphics card got burned out because it didn’t get enough power. After 4 years of a long journey with my dear PC it was time to say goodbye. I’ll get a new computer eventualy but for now you’ll have to bare the idea that i won’t be posting any music for a while. You’ll have to enjoy my undenyble awsome writing and english.
I’m out for now, and get ready for a huge philosophy post this upcoming week, have a nice weekend! (I’m in already in a huge weekend, i think its already 3 weeks).