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I felt like writing everyday, but for some reasons, I didn’t have the power to do it, and damn I missed writing.

It’s one of those things you just can’t not enjoy it, nothing is better than sitting down infrontof your screen with a nice cold root beer, writing about any shitty idea I got, without being judged. How awesome is that?

I’ve been really into the Blues lately, I always loved it but never knew where to begin, what to listen, who to listen, how to play the Blues, and just everything until I watched the movie The Blues Brothers. I watched it as I was a little kid and remembered how awesome it was, so I rented it and saw there the legendary John Lee Hooker singing the legendary song Boom Boom. Straight up I looked about him on Wikipedia, searched some albums on the net and got myself into The Blues Town. There I saw an album also called Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker and downloaded it. I enjoyed every second of this album, and still enjoying.


This is not the official album called by the same name “Boom Boom”. I really don’t know what this album is, I guess it’s a bootleg or something, but don’t miss it, worth every second.


John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

  1. 1. Crazy about that walk
  2. We’re all God’s chillun
  3. I’m mad again
  4. Want ad blues
  5. Boom Boom
  6. Drug store woman
  7. Send me your pillow
  8. Let’s make it baby
  9. The right time
  10. Shake it baby
  11. Need your love so bad
  12. This is hip
  13. One way ticket
  14. Half a stranger
  15. Birmingham blues
  16. Don’t look back
  17. It serves me right to suffer
  18. Mai Lee