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My Baby Just Cares For Me – Nina Simone (1987)

So here I am again trying to get myself together and start writing again, need to stop laying around pretending everything’s is good and doing nothing, writing is something I like to do, so why not do it?

I discovered Nina Simone when I was in France this summer at my uncle’s place searching his CD collection and I just stumbled upon this CD. Her name sounded good, and my uncle said she is a marvelous singer and piano player, so I went and riped it on my computer and listened to it on my way back to Israel. I became addicted to her voice, to her piano playing, basically to this album. You can’t describe how beautiful it is. I am a fan of Jazz music, I got really into it lately mainly thanks to her, and you should try it to.

I really like the stry behind the quote “My music is black classical music.”, she refused to call it Jazz, and to be honest I agree with her, it’s classic music invented by black people, there is no disgrace in admitting that, people just decided to label it az Jazz, nothing wrong with this neither, but Nina’s piano playing do remind me of classical music, but she makes it sound a lot┬ámore modern and pleasant to the ear, a must hear.


I’ll try to keep posts coming, so stay alert.