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2 of my greatest anticipations of the year havn’t let me down. 5 years untill the release of Dido’s new album and 1 year untill the release of Seal’s new album.


Safe Trip Home – Dido (2008)

Dido’s new album got my full atention this past week and still can’t get enough of it, just can’t. Her voice is amazingly beautiful and the music is very well done. With the help of her brother Rollo Armstrong and producer Jon Brion she has made herself a masterpiece of soulful music which is very well done. Many critics and people may be saying this album is a let down but you have to sleep on this album to really appreciate it.




Soul – Seal (2008)

Seal’s album has been released and got m y hands on it just today. It’s an album with recreations of classic songs, and suprisingly he (in my oppinion) made the songs better. From "This is a mans mans mans world" from James Brown to "I’m still in love with you" by Al Green. Will up you’re spirit in no time, oh this CD is going to be playing in my car for a long time!




So get those albums now! Even buy them (As I did), they are worth every penny!