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“So here’s a little story that must be told…”

Duke Elington & John Coltrane – Duke Elington & John Coltrane (1962)


You guessed right, another uncle story. So i was checking up albums at my uncle’s place and stumbled upon a black covered album with fine orange and pink fonts on it and 2 people playing the Sax and Piano. “Is this a good album uncle?” “Of course it is, one of the best Jazz albums evermade with two of the finest Jazz artists….give it a listen you’ll enjoy it”. Well I listened to him and played it….I wasn’t impressed to be honest, not because it’s a bad album but because I was too young and still listening to 50 Cent and shit so I didn’t know how to appreciate it.

2 Years has passed and I was checking my old USB key and the album was there.  “Well I remember my uncle told me it was a good album, let’s try it again” so yea I played it again and my mouth stayed wide open for about 10 min, I was amazed. The sound was so smooth, I wasalmost crying how beautiful it was, like a first surprise kiss. I guess I finaly appreciated Jazz the way it should be, I fell in love with it.

John Cotrane’s Sax playing is just at it’s best, along with Duke Elington’s Piano playing, two of the greatest Jazz artists joined together to make this marvelous album. The two has succeeded in combining their skills to make a breathtaking experience with every track you listen to. Sax playing hasn’t been done better than by John Coltrane, everything seems so smooth, so right when you ear it. Duke Elington has the talent of playing the piano so you won’t hear it, that’s right, you won’t hear it. It’s played so well done that you don’t even notice that you’re enjoying it, it’s intergrated in a way that you know it’s there but you don’t, you know you enjoy what you’re hearing but you don’t know why.  So make yourself a favor and buy this album (Not even telling you to download it) but you can always download it here and have you’re own oppinion.



So my whole library of music has been erased by some kind of virus and I have been given the task to rebuild it as fast as possible. I thought about it a little and told myself I’m going to rebuild it slowly instead, appreciating every album that comes in again.

Geoffrey Oryema – Beat The Border (1993)

I was busy digging deep into my Mom’s CD library and sumbled upon a guy called Geoffrey Oryema, an Ugandan artist. I put it in my computer and started listening to one of the most magical albums I ever heard.  The album is called Beat The Border, made in 1993. The beauty of the album is that the guy has succeeded making a modern african type of music, which is highly appreciated by me. You feel like being in Africa, without the horrors going on up there, just seeing an african sunset while listning to this wonderful album. Suddenly everything seems magical and unrealistic, you just get into it and don’tt want to go out. The breeze of air crashing into you’re body with the aroma of fresh leaves along with the luxury of having a beer and playing an electric guitar, that is what you will feel when listening to this. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and give it a listen, and even buy it if you can, those artists need every penny they can get, and they deserve it.


Yea well….I’ve been lazy, lazy uploading, writing, raring, and all the stuff making this blog all great. Is some one still here? I guess not, got a lot of work to do then.

I will try and make my comeback once more inspired by the truly great Kazeroi who has  also returned from a long hiatus.


Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life (1976)

This album I am posting here is one of my all time favorites. Introduced for the first time by my Dad who apparently owned the vinyls as a kid. He wanted to inspire me with some “real” music and bought me the CD. Only today I really appreciate the work done on this album. The lyrics have meaning, the music is just fantastic and never gets old, even after 30 years since the album was first released.
The album was fully produced by the one and only Stevie Wonder in his 20s. Even today I am not able to  stop listening to this magnificent album and you should listen to it too (If you haven’t already). You will find many classics in it and you will ask yourself many times “Haven’t I heard it already somwhere?”. Well yea, many of the songs in this album have been remastered by many of the biggest artists today, making this album, even more special.
Give it a try, you won’t regret it.