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African Sunset (And It’s Not Paul Simon)

Posted on: May 22, 2009

So my whole library of music has been erased by some kind of virus and I have been given the task to rebuild it as fast as possible. I thought about it a little and told myself I’m going to rebuild it slowly instead, appreciating every album that comes in again.

Geoffrey Oryema – Beat The Border (1993)

I was busy digging deep into my Mom’s CD library and sumbled upon a guy called Geoffrey Oryema, an Ugandan artist. I put it in my computer and started listening to one of the most magical albums I ever heard.  The album is called Beat The Border, made in 1993. The beauty of the album is that the guy has succeeded making a modern african type of music, which is highly appreciated by me. You feel like being in Africa, without the horrors going on up there, just seeing an african sunset while listning to this wonderful album. Suddenly everything seems magical and unrealistic, you just get into it and don’tt want to go out. The breeze of air crashing into you’re body with the aroma of fresh leaves along with the luxury of having a beer and playing an electric guitar, that is what you will feel when listening to this. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and give it a listen, and even buy it if you can, those artists need every penny they can get, and they deserve it.



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