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Maps From The Wilderness – TM Juke (2003)

I stumbled upon this artist just a few weeks ago and I just can’t get enough of him. He is a Classical and Jazz trained musician who took his specialty to produce some of the greatest beats I ever heard. It is quite surprising that I have never heard of him since he is so dope!

TM Juke is what every producer’s supposed to be like, you can hear the quality of each song he makes. This album I’m sharing with you today is possibly my favorite album of his. You’ll have Alice Russel appearing there along with some other unknown rappers who don’t disappoint. The music itself is very mellow and pleasant to the ear. The beats will make you go crazy along with some cool effects. Man…I’m on the hunt to find some more producers like him, which is quite a difficult task since you don’t find many good artists as him.

Recommended to every new born child and to every 105 year old Japanese elder, a must! (And it’s awesome for driving too!)



I have seen in the last couple of days that my blog was missing an apeall. I tried finding what was the problem and found many things wrong with it: First, the posts themsef are missing some dedication, when I first opened this blog I promised myself that every post will be thought out and not just a run through in 10 minuts post. Secondly, I haven’t put my full attention to the design of the blog, which in my oppinion is quite important for people to want to stay. Third and last, I don’t have an About page! I noticed that latley when someone asked me what the hell is the blog supposed to be about and who the hell am I. So I decided to make a new start, a new oppening to the blog. I won’t erase my old posts because it’s quite funny to see how this blog and myself evolved in manners of age, language, taste of music and personality. You people said a teen goes through a period of change and self understanding, then here you have some proof.

I will start saying that I personally love live albums. There aren’t a lot of live performances here in Israel that apeals to me.Yes, there are good Israeli artists playing once in a while but I’ve seen them all. The last live shows I’ve seen were of Al Di Meola, Fred Wesley & The JBs, and the Al Foster Quartet, so now you will understand why I love live albums. Live albums are the alternative to being in the show, giving you the feel and taste of what a real live performance is supposed to be like, no mastering involved. Live albums are the only albums I can just lie down on the bed and listen to them without doing anything else. They are magical in everyway (the good ones of course). So I decided to start posting live albums, so you will have the pleasure of experiencing great live performances.


C’Etait Ici – Yann Tiersen (2002)

bought this album a year ago when I was visiting my family in France. This album is another live album from the legendary composer Yann Tiersen. He has 2 other live albums, one of which sucks and the other I will post in a nother time. It is quite a long show, including 29 tracks, and everyone of them is just beautiful. Every track has it’s own charm. The beauty of this live show is that it’s not played so you will dance and jump and sing along with the artist but just experience another kind of music, enjoyig the sounds made by the performers. It’s quite an exceptional album, you won’t hear it anywhere else.

Download Part 1!

Download Part 2!


Life On Planet Groove – Maceo Parker (1992)

I posted this album a while back but it deserves it’s place in this new beginning. It is my favorite live album, really my favorite. It has been introduced to me by my uncle. The album cover says it all “2% Jazz, 98% Funk”, it’s so groovy! This album features Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Elis, Candy Dulfer and a lot more! You can only shake you’re body when playing this album, it’s impossible to lay quitly and do nothing when the sounds of this album are coming through you’re speakers. I can only wish I was there (well I was close enough, at the Fred Wesley show). The beauty of this album is that it demonstrates the abilty to put order where chaos is presented. To be able to to play Funk is this manner and not go crazy is something very hard to do, I know i wouldn’t handle the pressure and let myself  loose right on stage, the music has so much power! Maceo delivers one of the best shows I ever listened to, along with his past James Brown band members Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Elise, they all did a wonderful job. I will never get enough of this album, and I will always think of it as a very special album, and I will always keep it close to my heart. Long live Funky music!

Download Part 1!

Download Part 2!

Expect some changes to the look and feel of this blog in this upcoming week, I have some work to do.

album-who-is-jill-scott-words-and-sounds-vol-1Jill Scott – Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1 (2000)

So have you heard of  You Got Me by The Roots? Of course you have!

This is how Jill Scott was first discovered by the world, and me! In my journey of discovering new music and new styles I stumbled upon this smoothness called an album. This is album is so relieving, so……damn i have no words to descrive it’s smoothness apart from telling you folks that it’s a must have experience, especially after a hard time or even during, it will bring you back to you’re senses through it’s (yes, again) SMOOTHNESS!!

I decided to attach a video of one my favorites Jill Scott song so you’ll get the touch of butter in your hears before hearing the actual album.

Do yourself a favor and go to your nearest shop and spend the damn 10$ on this fine fine album, and if you’re broke download this album right here. BUT! you’ll have to buy it eventually, and I trust you folks on this because I still beliveve in the kindness of humanity, so DO NOT dissapoint me!


Ahhhh Acid-Jazz….one of my favorites genre. It started to evolve only in the 90s with the help of many artists like The Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Jamiroquai, US3 and more. Todya I’ll introduce you to 2 of the most influencing albums to the genre:

Guru – Jazzmatazz Vol.1 (1993)

guThis album is more of Jazz-Hop than Acid-Jazz but people like to combine the two genres into one which is Acid-Jazz.

This album was first introduced to me as the savior from shitty music by the greatest of all Kazeroi in Rapdungeon. At the time when I was 15  I was listening to to more mainstream music, going with the flow, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, 50 Cent, Eminem and more until one day I was watching MTV and saw a Mos Def track playing. I looked everywhere for some more Mos Def and stumbled upon Rapdungeon which had some Mos Def stuff in it. I kept visiting the blog for a while because I loved what was posted there. One day Jazzmatazz was posted, I downloaded it and fell in love. This album changed my whole perspective of music, seeing what was possible to make. The album is so groovy, so well done. Jazz and Hip-Hop were never combined so well, you won’t find an album that combined the two better than this one. The  lyrics are really good, the music is amazing, and if you’re a Jazz-Hop fan then you’ll fall in love with it.


Ronny Jordan – The Antidote (1992)

c5083This album has been first introduced to mee through my uncle. He asked me one day if I knew the song “So What” and I started laughing thinking he must think I’m stupid or something “Heal yeah I know this song, it’s a Miles Davis song, I’m not that an idiot”. Then he popped out this CD and put it in the CD player and asked me again “Do you know this version of  So What?” “No…….But this is awesome!!!”, he played me So What by Ronny Jordan and staight away I went and ripped the CD to my MP3 player. This album is so groovy and so well done, a pure Acid-Jazz album. If you’re a fan of Acid-Jazz then you should get it right now. Ronny Jordan is a guitarist who was one of the more influental to this genre. He was also featured in the Jazzmatazz Vol.1 album and was also featured in the Jazzmatazz tour along with Guru, go check it out.