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Two Jewels of Acid-Jazz

Posted on: June 4, 2009

Ahhhh Acid-Jazz….one of my favorites genre. It started to evolve only in the 90s with the help of many artists like The Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Jamiroquai, US3 and more. Todya I’ll introduce you to 2 of the most influencing albums to the genre:

Guru – Jazzmatazz Vol.1 (1993)

guThis album is more of Jazz-Hop than Acid-Jazz but people like to combine the two genres into one which is Acid-Jazz.

This album was first introduced to me as the savior from shitty music by the greatest of all Kazeroi in Rapdungeon. At the time when I was 15  I was listening to to more mainstream music, going with the flow, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, 50 Cent, Eminem and more until one day I was watching MTV and saw a Mos Def track playing. I looked everywhere for some more Mos Def and stumbled upon Rapdungeon which had some Mos Def stuff in it. I kept visiting the blog for a while because I loved what was posted there. One day Jazzmatazz was posted, I downloaded it and fell in love. This album changed my whole perspective of music, seeing what was possible to make. The album is so groovy, so well done. Jazz and Hip-Hop were never combined so well, you won’t find an album that combined the two better than this one. The  lyrics are really good, the music is amazing, and if you’re a Jazz-Hop fan then you’ll fall in love with it.


Ronny Jordan – The Antidote (1992)

c5083This album has been first introduced to mee through my uncle. He asked me one day if I knew the song “So What” and I started laughing thinking he must think I’m stupid or something “Heal yeah I know this song, it’s a Miles Davis song, I’m not that an idiot”. Then he popped out this CD and put it in the CD player and asked me again “Do you know this version of  So What?” “No…….But this is awesome!!!”, he played me So What by Ronny Jordan and staight away I went and ripped the CD to my MP3 player. This album is so groovy and so well done, a pure Acid-Jazz album. If you’re a fan of Acid-Jazz then you should get it right now. Ronny Jordan is a guitarist who was one of the more influental to this genre. He was also featured in the Jazzmatazz Vol.1 album and was also featured in the Jazzmatazz tour along with Guru, go check it out.



6 Responses to "Two Jewels of Acid-Jazz"

I knew ronny jordan, but only some songs and not this record, it is awesome. thanks for that ariel and hope to get more ill stuff from you

and jazzmataz… I like the project, but I always thought by every record that it could be better. nice music, but never what it could be

Jazzmataz=Absolute Classic, GiftUnlimitedRyhmesUniversal at his best , the first 2 albums were great projects.

thanks for the shot out, it always feels good to be loved 😀

Don’t know if I mentioned on my blog, but Jazzmatazz vol.1 & 3 Feet High & Rising were the first real Hip-Hop albums that listened to (I also think I was 15 at the time). they belong to my father’s collection (does not have that many Hip-Hop albums, but the ones that he got are always good). So this was also one of the albums that made me fell in love with Hip-Hop and Jazz-hop. It’s really amazing, volume 2 is also cool, but the others are shit, and Guru should retire in my opinion, because he sucks nowadays and Solar is garbage. I saw them last year in a concert and it was alright, but he kinda said “7 Grand Records baby! Go buy my album” 100 times…

Didn’t know about this Ronny Jordan, going to check out, thanks !

keep up the amazing work ariel


I hear the Jazzmatazz album and is really a jewel, i wanna hear Ronny Jordan, i like your comment on the album and by the way great blog man.

Best regards

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