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The Complete Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington Sessions – Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington (1961)

Damn….I’ve been out for a long time I see. I was terribly busy with work, but now it’s over and the real vacation startsĀ  until my recruitment to the army, so in the meanwhile I’ll be posting some more awesome music for your souls.

Today’s album will be Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington. This one is very simillar to the previous Jazz Duo I posted but with the touch of Louis Armstrong it sounds a bit more happier and soulful. This is album will replenish you’re souls every morning, as it did to me every day before going to work for 9 hours in the hear of an Israelian summer (believe me it’s hot!!) and did it’s job just fine.

Look, I’ll sum it out quickly for you guys, there’s Louis and Duke in one album, ‘nough said. Go and download it right now and enjoy some quality music from two of the best Jazz musicians ever known to humanity, and even if you can, go and but the album, will make you only good.




Progressions – Arts The Beatdoctor (2008)

You rmember my post a while back about Arts The Beatdoctor? Well he apparently released a new EP by the name of Progressions. This EP includes some beats of his and a remix of a song called Dreams by another dutch duo called Pax & Pry (You can download their albums at This EP is really well done, Arts delivers us some more quality music, highly recommended.


I reuploaded his first album Transitions in Mediafire so you can all get another look at one of the best producers out there, and I’m not exaggerating.