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cachaitoCachaito – Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez (2001)

I have sadly just realized that one of my favorite artists has passed away on February 9, 2009 from a Prostate surgery complication.

Quote from Wikipedia:

“Born in Havana on February 2, 1933, Orlando “Cachaito” López first got actively involved in music when he was only nine years old. By the age of eleven he was involved with an orchestra with his aunt. His early desire was to play the violin, but his Grandfather Pedro insisted he take up the double bass, as there had been a long tradition of bassists in the López family – legend has it that there are over 30 bassists in its lineage; a trend that they did not want stopped.[1] He started learning the double bass on a cello, quickly moving onto a double bass when he was large enough. His musical career is said to have started when he was twelve, and at the age of 13, Cachaíto composed his first piece, a danzón called Isora Infantil. By the time he was 17 he replaced his uncle as the bassist with Arcana y sus Maravillas, a band that had been around since before Cachaito was born. He made such an impression on the group that he was asked to stay.

In the 1950s, he helped create the descarga style of music that is a mix between jazz-styled improvisation with Afro-Cuban rhythms, and by 1957 he was playing with the hugely popular Havana dance band, Orquesta Riverside. In the 1960s, he became a bassist with the National Symphony,[1] and was also a key member of Irakere, a Cuban experimental band that combined pop, classical, Cuban folk, African and jazz influences.

He was also a member of the Buena Vista Social Club (appearing in Wim Wenders’ documentary “Buena Vista Social Club”[1]). After a career spanning some 60 years, Cachaito was still touring and recording (including playing bass as part of a Cuban touring group also featuring Guajiro Mirabal, Aguajé Ramos and Manuel Galbán), and many considered him to be one of the finest bassists in Cuba.

López died in a Cuban hospital on February 9, 2009, of complications from prostate surgery. He was 76. ”

Orlando made me love music again in a whole other way. I first discovered him through a post by Urbanology after posting myself the Buena Vista Social Club album which he appears in. Since then I couldn’t stop listening to him, everytime I put the album it’s always like the first time I listened to it. Orlando wasn’t a closed mind musician, he was a revoloutionary. He was able to modernize Cuban music in a very special way. You can tell all the sounds in each song were well thought out.  He is one of the most talented musician I have stumbled on. He said in the Buena Vista Social Club documentary that he was able to predict the next note in a melody before it was played. I believe him.

His album “Cahachito” is sadly he’s only album released to date, Released by World Circuit Records. The album consists of the Funk legend Pee Wee Ellis, the well known Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer, the father of French Hip-Hop DJ Dee Nasty and many more! So now you can understand when I say that Cachaito was able to revoloutionize Cuban music with open minded music.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this album and even buy it, it’s one of those albums that are worth every penny in your pocket. My only regret is that I haven’t had the chance to see him live, oh well, in the next life maybe uh?



I’m ripping a lot of CDs right now so get ready for some posts this week with a lot of music.

Yeah, the real vacation has started. You will find me right now in Hong-Kong staying at my dad’s place, enjoying myself before my recruitment to the army. Sadly I’ve been given by the army only combatant options so you will find me in the next 3 years in the front line in this damn war with just everyone who wants to join in (which could be Iran very soon). But no worries, I delayed the recruitment to minimum October so I have time to clear my mind and get myself ready mentally for the service.

When It Falls – Zero 7 (2004)

Music helps a lot through that journey in Hong-Kong (it’s quite an intresting place to be honest), which is packed with adventures (and it’s only the first week i’m here). My album pick of the week is When It Falls by Zero 7. Yea I know it’s not their most recognized work out of the 3 albums they have released but it is their best in my opinion. It’s mostly Chill-out music, but not the boring kind, it will make you head tilt forward and backwards some times. The sounds put in this album are quite special,  different from their 2 other albums (which are not bad, just different). Try listening to this album while drinking a cold beer with a cigar, you will think you’re in paradise (I have the luxury of having all of that along with the Hong-Kong skyline which is amazing). Very Recommended!


BTW many critics find this album quite medicore, don’t believe their bullshit, it’s AWESOME!