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Goodbye for the next 3 years.

Posted on: April 5, 2010

That’s it, I have entered the IDF 3 weeks ago. I will be serving at a special commando unit which I’m not allowed to say which, so you can imagine I will not have time at all to post anything here, although I will try. My journey will be hard, painful, but with a lot of good experiences. I have realised that serving in the IDF is something special, I am not serving because I want to see some action, shoot a gun or experience war, I am serving because I’m defending something. I’m defending democracy, human rights, the right of a person to live, my family, my fellow friends, the newborns, and especially the right of judaism to exist without fear or pain. 2000 years we have been suffering, I’m fighting for the right of any person to live with freedom and liberty, to eliminate racism and antisemitism,. I feel proud to serve such a powerful purpose even though I wish I wouldn’t have too.

For this post I will post an album of a live concert I have attended of a famous Israeli artist who decided to combine Israeli rock with irish music. This represents the multicultural life we live here in Israel. We have Morrocans, Iranians, Iraqis, Yemens, French, Spanish, Argentinians, Germans, Americans, Swedish, Australians, Irish, Ethiopians, and so much more, all serving one big purpose, defend this little country called Israel, that represents so much more than a Jew country, it represents liberty and freedom. This guy sings in Henrew but I’m sure you will like this album, it’s very special, I have cried during the concert.

So goodbye for the meanwhile, boot-camp is waiting me, I’ve got some work to do, hope I will stay strong, but I think I will, music is always there to keep my chin up.

Izhar Ashdot – Rikud Katan (2009)


Izhar Ashdot – Rikud Katan (2009)


4 Responses to "Goodbye for the next 3 years."

don’t really agree with the politics and interests you may be serving…. but i do believe in the power of music to unite. from half halfway across the word, be safe and we’ll welcome your return.

big ups my man.

I’m absolutely not for war either, but anti-Semitism really has to stop one way or the other. I’m glad you’re willing to fight for that. I hope peace comes soon.

and really appreciate the blog.

much love from South Africa

Keep safe and thanx for all the music!
This post makes me like your blog even more.

Love & Respect from Germany

Best of luck to you. Have been enjoying your blog. Be safe.

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