ariel’s groove


The whole purpose of this blog is to present you the best music I know, along with some dope writing by yours truly Ariel.

You won’t see here music being distributed freely without any purpose, I’m against people who does that. A post must be companied by some writing at least and not spam albums just because you feel like sharing. The people who do that won’t get my intention.

Not only music will presented here, I’ll be writing about everything that comes into my mind (I’m  sorry if it’ll bore you but life’s hard) but will mostly be accompanied by some awesome music as well.

I take my time writing and sharing some great music, the least you can do is comment or tell me what you think, every comment will be appreciated.

I share the music so you people can expand your horizons as I did in the past and still am, but I truley recommend to support the artists you like and buy their albums or attend their shows, this is their proffesion (and a hard one) and they deserve the money for their hard work.

Enjoy you’re stay here at Ariel’s Groove, amd you are most welcome here at any time.


6 Responses to "About"

Glad to read a little more about you, your blog is definitely worth checking because there are a lot of good music, with some non famous stuff which is refreshing.
You mentioned France a couple times in your blog, that made me smile since I live in Paris…keep up the good posts, peace!

Haha, I’m glad to hear you like my blog. You’re right, non-famous doesn’t mean bad, just means not famous. And bot they are refreshing from the everyday hits.

I actually lived near Paris (Créteil) and most of my family lives near Paris or in it so I pass a lot of my vacations with them, and also discover great music from there while staying.

Oh my family lives just by Créteil, so you speak french I assume? okay maybe not 😉
Paris offers good music opportunities, and it’s good that your family gives you the possibility to discover new things. Tuesday I saw Q-Tip in live, it was a hell of a show, man he killed it!
But enough of rambling…looking forward to some new posts 🙂

I actually do speak French (guess you already noticed). Only problem I have is writing since I never studied in French.

To be honest, a lot of the music I know comes from the blogging community. Many blogs and people helped me discover music more deeply, and this is why I oppened this blog, to help others as others did for me. Familly helped a lot too but only at times when I was in France.

I’m going to be in Paris next month (begining of september) so I’m trying to see if there are some intresting shows that will be there, it is a marvelous place to experience music in a whole different way. I’m already excited for that!

that’s cool you’re coming here, there’s De La Soul performing on september 9th in Paris, and I’ll be there, it’s something you may be interested in 🙂

Oh I will be there!! De La Soul in Paris? Can’t be better than that!

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